Just So You Know...

Something I feel I should clarify…

I don’t like seeing posts of art that don’t have a note beneath it that claims as to whether or not it is an original piece. That’s why I give a description under my posts. If it was my work, I’ll put “-Me.” If It was a piece I saw and snapped a photo of it, I’ll put “-Unknown,” because I don’t know who did it, but it should be known that I did not do it. 

I’ve been asked a few times if I did some of the ‘unknown’ graff that I post on here and just don’t want to be caught. If I didn’t want to be caught, I wouldn’t post them online for everyone to see. I keep all of my work on canvas because I have too much on the line to go around tagging on buildings. 

I also don’t copy anyone’s stencils. Any stencil or work I post, it is my own.

The only other sites I post my work on is reddit.com/r/graffiti (subsequently, you’ll probably find them on imgur as well) and my facebook.

… I’m sorry I haven’t posted more artwork

Midterms are wearing me down mentally and physically and with the clock being turned an hour back and night settling in at about 4 p.m., my sleeping habits are all [expletive] up. All of my time has been spent studying, preparing presentations and working my weekender.

Not to worry though, by the beginning of next week I’ll have something to post here for all to enjoy. 

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Classy. Cheap beer and a cigar. 

Classy. Cheap beer and a cigar.